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New Advent IQI Foundation is a public welfare and non-profitable organization, that aims at creating the necessary technical awareness amongst the common rural and urban citizens regarding the infrastructural development that’s rapidly taking place in the country. Growth is important, but so is the quality of it. Mere visual growth, with an intention of making huge profit out of it is no less than rare to see. Past is evident how negligence in maintaining the proper quality standards have not just defamed the big names, they have hampered the ordinary animate existence and also taken priceless lives. Corruption and opaqueness in making such sensitive decisions is deep rooted and is near to unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean the masses have to settle for anything less than safe for themselves.

Always do things right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. - Mark Twain

Before any kind of structural and constructional development the government issues a check on how the construction must be done and what quality of raw materials are required for that specific kind of construction. But all these things are said and done on paper, in reality various constructions cutting their expenses at the cost of quality of the final structure is not any less common to catch hold of.

We as ensure that concerned masses know about all the technicalities required and also are aware of their rights and duties as a citizen that the government provides them with, in case they want to seek any information from RTI and directly challenge the concerned authority in the interest of public, that is, to not let the negligence of government affect them adversely later.

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NAIQI's Mission

  • You and me, we all are a part of one society, where both good and bad co-exists. And we are very well aware of that. All we aim at is not letting the bad over rule the good, and create the awareness amidst the common leaving no victims of injustice.
  • Making people aware about their rights to safe and sound surroundings and raise a voice if not found so, is what we are looking forward to.
  • To help the backward and unprivileged rural section of the society, come along and join the main stream of development flowing through the nation, the government has been putting efforts since long.
  • Many schemes have been launched under the umbrella of the central as well as the state governments. The framework of development in these areas doesn’t demand fancy buildings rather basic infrastructural amenities like roads, bridges, streams, irrigation canals etc. But the standards and criteria defined is often neglected. Repercussions of which can still be seen, that these areas are yet not developed and are still deprived of the facilities they deprived long ago.
  • Another major reason behind it is the illiteracy, unawareness and lack of technological advancements. Also the officer allotted for the supervision being inexperienced, unable or corrupt, is a big obstacle in achieving the same.


Our organization is the first ISO certified non-profit organization that provides help to the related government bodies in improving the quality of framework of development being brought up by the government for the rural as well as the urban areas and believes in eradication of corruption from the very root level. We aspire to play an important role in the successful implementation of the of the development schemes for the rural and under privileged areas by the means of our expert team.


Independent India has seen various socio- economic development schemes being brought up every now and then. Wherein not only the government bodies but also the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have played an unforgettable role.

Numerous non-governmental organizations for instance women empowerment, child development, environmental, farmer development and security etc have brought an impeccable reform in the society, easily seen.

But never did India see an organization that not only supervises the authenticity of an infrastructural project under government but also investigates the quality of it and provoke the required governmental body to take appropriate action and also raise awareness in the common public regarding the same.

The panchayat systems are setup at the very root level of democracy to strengthen and develop the rural India at it’s own pace. But due to illiteracy, inexperience and corruption at such ground levels the framework of the rural development has become hollow and weak. Which is why, monitoring of the implementation of any development scheme by government in such areas is more mandatory as well as urgent than anywhere else. We aim at achieving this far sighted goal with the help of all required government and non-governmental bodies as well as with the support and faith of the people in us.

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