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Required Doccuments

  1. Copy Of Aadhar Card.
  2. Copy Of Mark sheet Of Recent Passed Exam.
  3. Cheque/DD of Rs 500/- in the Name of NEW ADVENT IQI FOUNDATION.
  4. Declaration Form must be signed and Attached.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Membership Application only be accepted when the complete information is provided and required document is attached with the membership form.
  2. Whether to grant membership or not is totally discretionary of the Organisation.
  3. Membership fees shall not be refund after grant of membership. This membership fees is charged only to maintain data of member and other general expenses relating to membership.
  4. Membership is grant only for Providing information regarding Government schemes, Involve members in Social welfare services, Provide training, Sharing news, Make volunteers.
  5. This membership will not grant any rights to any members to participate in managements or to interfere in any internal affairs of the Organisation. Also organisation is not bind to pay any type of financial remuneration or monitory benefit to any members.
  6. This membership is grant for two years subject to renewable of membership. Organisation shall always reserve a right to terminate membership of any member on certain ground.
  7. No members shall allowed, without written consent/permission/Authorisation from organisation, to represent himself/herself on behalf of organisation before any Government authority, department, agency, organisation, corporate, individuals etc. If they act such without written permission they shall be personally liable for the consequences.

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