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In India post-independence numerous schemes were incorporated by the state as well as the central government. We’ve achieved significant success in the past seventy years by the help of programs like – vast and succinct irrigation schemes, Unnat Krishi, self-dependence for seeds, technical, education, health, social security, environment, electricity, transportation, communication and establishment of Panchayati raj etc. India is evolving as one of the developed nations in today’s era. But it’s been unfortunate that despite all the efforts put in and successful implementation of the rural as well as urban development schemes we’ve not yet achieved the set target. And remain to be underdeveloped in the opinion of the common population of the country which clearly proves we’ve only partially succeeded. The challenges have only increased and will remain to do so in the coming future. We need to figure out an optimal way to tackle the same.

Although in developed nations the economic planning schemes and public welfare schemes are mainly responsibility of the government in power. Nevertheless, in India presences of various NonGovernmental Organizations has impacted the development of nation significantly, specially in the fields of women empowerment, child welfare, education, health, public awareness, environment, farmer development, social security etc.

In our country under various programs ‘infrastructural development’, for example roads, canals, ponds, buildings, culvert etc are understood to be the costliest. The expenses for development as well as maintenance is pretty costly but the Non-Governmental Organizations to look after the quality check of material as well as of the lousy construction techniques, plus the misuse of the funds allotted, are very few to find. As a result of which the transparency of the process remains doubtful and even after all the efforts such schemes remain only partially successful.

Hence to make sure the quality of infrastructural development , the parameter of growth of the development is maintained, and to provide assistance to related government sections as well as the allotted panchayat officers. We have experts from every possible field we might need, to name a few, civil engineer, material engineer, technical expert, scientist, doctor, journalists, lawyers, charted accountants etc along with whom we have taken a step forward in this direction. So that we may bring significant improvement in quality, and take a check on the corruption in the field as well so that nothing stops the nation from progress.

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